Deck Building Tips for Clash Royale

Best Deck Building Tips



In a game like Clash Royale, having not having a well balanced and synergized deck is essential. Therefore, Deck Building is a skill that every player should master. With most of the players having difficulties in winning because of a weak deck, we’ve build this blog for you guys which contains Best Deck Building Tips which will help you master your deck building skills. Whether you are a veteran player seeking to sharpen your skills or a newbie who wants to have a competitive advantage, These Deck building tips will help you to craft a winning deck capable of defeating hardest foes. So gather your troops, polish your brainpower and explore the realm of strategic deck building in Clash Royale. 

Understand Card Roles


Each card in Clash Royale has a specific role. Understanding the roles of cards is essential such as tanks, splash damage and win conditions, is crucial for effective deck building. Identify cards that synergize well with each other, creating powerful combinations and strategies. For example, pairing a splash damage troops like wizard with swarm troops like minion horde or skeleton army can counter multiple enemies. Having at least splash damage troops like executioner and wizard can give you a great advantage if you send them behind high health troops like mega knight or PEKKA.

Balance your elixir cost


For consistent performance, maintaining a balanced elixir cost is essential in your deck. Including a mix of low, medium and high elixir cards ensures that you have options for different situations and prevents being overwhelmed by a heavy elixir cost deck. Aim for an average elixir cost that allows you to cycle through your cards efficiently while maintaining a strong defense and offence. We suggest to have a deck of elixir cost below 4.00 or maximum 4.3 elixir cost. Having a deck more than 4.5 elixir cost can give you trouble in winning.

Having a combination


Every successful deck needs a suitable combination that will deal significant damage to the enemy towers. Whether its a high damage troop like Balloon or a spell like Rocket, make sure to include a win condition that aligns with your playstyle and strategy. Build your deck around supporting and protecting your win condition to maximize its effectiveness. Cards like Hog Rider are mostly used on higher leagues because these cards can deal much damage with just one or two hit. Some great combinations are Hog Rider with earthquake spell. Here, earthquake spell will counter both buildings and swarm cards like skeleton army which is a great threat for Hog Rider.

Test Your Deck


As you make your new deck, don’t start playing ranked matches with it. Because you are still unsure of success rate of the deck, you can’t just use it in ranked matches right away. Therefore, after building a suitable deck, always test it with playing some unraked matches. You can play clan battles, friendly battles with your friends, party mode with single one on one or 2v2 battles to test out your new combos. Always try your new decks in unranked battles and analyze your gameplay to understand the strength and weaknesses of your deck. Identify the cards that doesn’t perform well and replace them with some better ones until you gets the perfect deck.

Seek Inspiration from Successful Decks


Study successful decks used by tops players or decks that have performed well in the tournaments. Analyze the combinations, synergies, card choices and strategies used from these decks. You can also simply copy their decks and use them but we suggest to adjust it to your playstyle first. Drawing inspiration from proven decks can provide valuable insights and helps you understand effective deck building principles.



Effective deck building in Clash Royale requires careful consideration of card roles, combinations, elixir costs and win conditions. Experimentation, testing and adapting the game dynamics are key to achieve success in battles. By following these tips, you can enhance your deck building skills and increase your chances of being victorious in Clash Royale.

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