BGMI Post-Unban Insights

BGMI Gameplay after unban


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has returned with a gameplay experience that surpasses expectations following it’s eagerly awaited unban. The post-unban experience is nothing short of remarkable, providing players with an engaging and action packed journey. The gameplay of BGMI after unban showcases stunning graphics, better controls and lively environments that created exceptional gaming experience. Additionally , the release has restored the gaming community. It has reunited friends and developed new alliances as they team up to face challenges that lies ahead. But the question is that, is the gameplay the same after unban that we used to enjoy. or it’s different? or is there the same vibes as before while playing it. In this blog, we will go through the main expected changes, exploring its gameplay, reviews and much more.

Renewing the gaming community


Releasing the game had a significant impact on the total player population. Users continued to use VPNs and other methods to play, even after authorities prohibited it, driven by their impatience to keep playing. The game’s numerous bugs and lack of players make it difficult to find real players, even if you land on Hot Drop.

The game’s unbanning led to a significant increase in the player base. More and more Indian players joined the game, resulting in effects such as increased risk when landing on hot drops. With a high number of players landing there, surviving on hot drops like Pochinki is no longer easy.

Enhanced security and privacy

There was an increased focus on communicating security and privacy concerns. Krafton and the game’s developers have made great efforts to ensure players privacy and improve user privacy. Some of the steps taken to improve security included –

• Data Localization 

• Two Factor Authentication

• Anti-cheat Systems

• Fair Play Policies

BGMI has also improved the community reporting system which encourages the community to report suspicious activities, hacking attempts, or cheating incidents. The Ban Pan security has been improved and string measures have been taken to reduce hackers or any kind of cheating in the game.

Visible Improvements and additions


Several updates and changes were made in PUBG, on which BGMI was based, while it was restricted in India. The update has brought numerous noticeable changes, most of which have a great impact on the experience. Also, it is certain that there will be changes as it came after all these months.

•Enhanced graphics and immersive visuals

The  game’s graphics have significantly improved compared to the past, providing a better visual experience. The developers of the game have made adjustments to enhance the overall gameplay, particularly for low-end users. Many users with low-end devices faced difficulties, reminding the developers to take action. The developers deserve credit for successfully improving both the gameplay and visuals.

•New game modes and new challenges

The addition of “Nusa” map is one of the significant upgrades in the game. It introduces a new map in classic mode with a match length of approximately 8 minutes. The map itself is 1 kilometer in length and includes new weapons, the tactical crossbow and the ns2000 shotgun.

BGMI gameplay has gone through numerous changes and introduces many new features after the unban, resulting in a remarkably improved gameplay experience. To truly acknowledge these changes, one must play the game themselves, as it offers the best firsthand experience.

Gameplay and overall Experience


The gameplay not only meets but also exceeds our expectations . The developers have  made admirable changes to enhance user experience. Currently, there are no new event in the game, but the restarting of features like RP missions, ranks, and clan wars is worked out after their discontinuation. Additionally, there an exciting new X-Suit and Royal Pass that you should definitely check out. While some glitches and improvements require some attention, the developers are actively working to fix them on time. This attentiveness ensures that the community experiences minimal issues and has a great time in the game.



Seeing how the game evolves, introduces new content, and provides players with an immersive experience will be exciting. After the ban was lifted, the game successfully made a comeback and re-established itself as one of the leading battle royale games in the Indian gaming industry. It promises endless hours of action-packed gameplay for Indian gamers.

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