Why Clash of Clans Era Ended?

Clash of Clans era


If you are a veteran in mobile gaming, than you must have played and experienced the Clash of Clans era which once dominated the mobile gaming industry for years, everyone had. You must have remembered that the craze of this game was so much in India tha almost everyone had a COC account at that time. However, you may have wondered that as time went, the game became boring. How an OG game like Clash of clans era ended even if it was that popular? you’ll know how after reading this blog. So after reading this blog, you’ll understand why Clash of Clan’s era ended.

Game longevity


Clash of clans was released in 2012. Talking about its prime time of dominance, it was from 2012 to 2015. These four years, clash of clans had an invincible reign over the mobile gaming industry. But, 2016 afterwards it’s invincible reign began to wane, and like any other game, its popularity naturally declined over time. Likewise, it is natural that aging can cause a decline to a the popularity of a game. As new games keeps coming with new genres the interest of players is gonna shift over time.

Saturation of the market


As new games enters the market, players have a wider variety of option to choose from. There are also so many similar games like COC to play which are not popular. But these games also contains some good features that clash of clans doesn’t. As the variety of games and genres increases a strategic game like COC can have a less chance of it keeping its dominance. Moreover, clash of clans have a loop of gameplay which is focused on base building, resource management and strategic battles. Although this loop was successful, long time players may found it repetitive. In addition, as you have higher town hall level, the builder will take more time to upgrade which can make the gameplay seem boring.

Emergence of new competitors


The mobile gaming market is highly competitive. As time passes, the number of competitors keeps increasing. New competitive games provides new features, graphics  or taking advantage of new trends in the market makes the industry highly competitive. Furthermore, new genres like battle-royale and hyper – casual games may attract  players from strategic games like clash of clans ending its era. As for the competitors, the game which ranked on number one after COC is PUBG which is now known as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Platform and Audience shift

As gaming platforms evolves, there may be shifts in player demographics. Some players who were once active on mobile devices may have shifted to other platforms like PC or console gaming. In recent times, PC games are getting more and more popular than ever. Games like GTA 5, Elden Ring, Call of Duty Warzone and Minecraft are one of those games that attracts players from other platforms to play games in PC or console. In addition, graphics of pc games are way better than mobile games. PC games also have a huge variety of games. Moreover , there were less PC owners in India when COC was popular, but now more people owns a pc than before. Having a PC allows them to play pc games which certainly gives better experience because of big screen. 

Therefore, these factors could impact the overall popularity of Clash of Clans and ended it’s era. But, it’s important to note that the game still maintains a dedicated player base and keeps getting updates and assistance from developers. Even if its era may have ended in popularity, the game still has active players. 

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